Advanced Topics in Management

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Friday, 08:15am to 11:45am
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One of the drivers of firm performance is an understanding of the behavior and motivation of its employees. This course is for advanced Master and Ph.D. students interested in deepening their knowledge of managerial and personnel economics. It continues the discussion from the Personnel Economics and Incentives in Organization courses. It focuses on the intersection of behavioral, experimental, and empirical studies about the impact of organizational practices (e.g., incentives, leadership, hierarchy, communication) on employee behavior. In particular, this course is about the HR and behavioral determinants of firm performance.

One of the key elements of successful management is asking and answering the right questions. In this seminar, students read selected economic papers, identify their research questions, critically examine them, and engage in scientific discourse with fellow course participants. The students elaborate their ideas in a group, develop them further into research proposals, write an essay, and hold a presentation in front of the course audience.

The seminar aims to develop students in three specific ways. First, students will learn about state-of-the-art research results from personnel economics and acquire knowledge helpful in
their prospective management career. Second, the students will deepen their skills of critical thinking and thoughtful evaluation of (i) management practices; and (ii) empirical evidence
from the field of personnel management. Third, the seminar will provide guidance and practice in conducting research and writing a research paper.

The students pursue these goals through a mixture of lectures, discussions, hands-on exercises, individual and group work, and student presentations.

Class hours and place

On Fridays: 16.4.2021, 30.4.2021, 28.5.2021, 11.6.2021, 25.6.2021, and 9.7.2021
Always from 8:15 am till 11:45 am.

Because the course is cumulative and builds on the content discussed in the first sessions, joining the seminar will not be allowed after the first class on 16th of April. Registered participants are expected to attend all sessions and participate in all group activities!

The seminar takes place in the seminar room **tba** or online. In the case of a ‘digital semester’ due to the pandemic, all meetings will take place via zoom during the same time slots.

Please register to the seminar by sending an email to Christine Jahnke ( until 22nd of March, 2021.

Spring 2021
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin