Behavioral and Experimental Economics Reading Group

Guest Instructor: 
Tilman Fries
Daniel Parra
Time I: 
Wednesday, 04:00pm to 06:00pm
Venue I: 
WZB, Reichpietschufer 50, 10785 Berlin, room D112/113

In this reading group, we will discuss current research in behavioral and experimental economics with a focus on developing own research ideas. Participants are expected to lead the discussion of an article 2-3 times per semester (depending on the number of participants) and are encouraged to relate the discussed papers to their own research and to identify open questions that they might work on in their future research. By joining the reading group, students can commit to read and discuss interesting research each week and benefit from a cooperative environment where we help each other to understand details and to identify the gist of a paper.

Fall 2019