Structural Econometrics in Labour and IO

Guest Instructor: 
Luke Haywood
Boryana Ilieva
Time I: 
Thursday, 02:00pm to 05:00pm
Venue I: 
DIW Berlin, Mohrenstraße 58

Course objectives:

  • Discuss advantages and limitations of structural econometric models. Give students an understanding of why and when adding structure is important.
  • Provide insights into strategy (especially, identication) in important papers in structural Labour, Public & IO literature. Give a feel of how one may go about establishing a structural model.
  • Establish basic estimation techniques & numerical methods such as Simulation, Numerical integration and Discretisation.
  • Develop matrix programming skills using Matlab. Loops vs. vectorisation; readability vs. speed; sustainable coding for several projects.

If this course is taken for credits, the final grade will be determined by

  • 2 problem sets (to be completed in groups of max. 2 participants), weighted 1/3 each, and
  • a final exam, weighted 1/3.

Course location:
DIW Berlin, rooms as follows:
16.4. Friedensburg, 23.4. Friedensburg, 30.4. Popper, 14.5. Friedensburg, 28.5. 33002C, 11.6. Friedensburg, 12.6. Friedensburg, 18.6. Friedensburg, 25.6. 33002C, 2.7. Friedensburg, 9.7. tbd

More information can be found in the attached syllabus.

Spring 2020
Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung