Please check with the BSE Handbook which mandatory courses you have to choose in your PhD track. Not all courses listed here can be approved as Core Courses for all BSE PhD tracks.

Wednesday, 12:30pm at HU Berlin, Spandauer Str. 1, Room 23

The Brown Bag Seminar is an informal research seminar on business and economics. Doctoral students and faculty members are invited to present their current research including work in progress, early stage projects as well as advanced projects. All faculty members and PhD students are kindly invited to attend the seminar. Sandwiches are provided for lunch but please feel free to bring your own lunch along.

If you are interested in presenting your work in the seminar, please send an email to Janine Hart ( Announcements of upcoming talks are sent by email.

It takes place weekly on Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. in room 23.

October 21: Job Market talk by Lutz Weinke (Placement Director of BDPEMS)

November 4: Stefanie Seele: Changes in the German Labor Market: The Role of Demand and Supply Factors

November 11: Julien Albertini (HU): Aggregate Employment, Job Polarization and Inequalities: A Transatlantic Perspective

November 18: Guo Xu (LSE): Determinants and Consequences of Bureaucrat Effectiveness: Evidence from the Indian Administrative Service joint mit Marianne Bertrand (Chicago Booth), Robin Burgess (LSE) und Arunish Chawla (IAS)

November 25: Falk Mazelis: The Role of Shadow Banking in the Monetary Transmission Mechanism and the Business Cycle

December 2: Johannes Johnen (Job Market Candidate): Dynamic Competition in Deceptive Markets

December 9: Martin Pollrich (Job Market Candidate): Mediated Audits

December 16: Alexander Nesterov (Job Market Candidate): School Choice With Advice: The Adaptive Acceptance Rule

January 6: Felix Strobel: Government Spending Shocks and Sovereign Risk

January 13: Johanna Krenz: Banks’ Balance Sheets and the International Transmission of Shocks

February 3: Maren Brede: Budget-Neutral Fiscal Rules Targeting Inflation Differentials

February 10: Grzegorz Dlugoszek: Solving DSGE porfolio choice models with perturbation methods

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