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The BDPEMS actively and successfully assists its graduate students in academic career placement. Placement is a well-organized activity among hiring institutions and those seeking employment. Information is exchanged and interviews are arranged at BDPEMS with the guidance of the Placement Director.

Placement Director
Job market candidates 2018



Job Market Paper



Simon Jurkatis (FU) I Email

  Inferring Trade Direction in Fast Markets  


Hannah Liepmann (HU) I Email

Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

The Impact of a Negative Labor Demand Shock on Fertility - Evidence from the Fall of the Berlin Wall Alexandra Spitz-Oener (HU)  

Homayoon Moradi (WZB) I Email



Lukas Mergele (HU) I Email

Applied Microeconomics, esp. Labor and Public Economics Public Employment Services under Decentralization: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Rajshri Jayaraman (ESMT), Alexandra Spitz-Oener (HU)


Stefanie Seele (HU) I Email

Macroeconomics, Labor Economics   Michael Burda (HU)  

Wenjuan Chen (FU) I Email


Rustamdjan Hakimov (WZB) I Email


Job market candidates 2017



Job Market Paper



Asseyer, Andreas (HU) I Email                       

Contract Theory, Information Economics, Industrial Organization

Informational control and collusive supervision

Roland Strausz, HU


Huang, Jing (ESMT) I Email

Statistics, Economics

An extension of skew-elliptical distribution and its semi-parametric estimation

Catalina Stefanescu-Cuntze, ESMT


Mazelis, Falk (HU) I Email

Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics

Implications of shadow bank regulation for monetary policy at the zero lower bound

Michael Burda, HU

ECB (Monetary Policy Strategy Division in the Directorate Monetary Policy)

Strobel, Felix (HU) I Email

Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics

The goverment spending multiplier, fiscal stress and risk

Lutz Weinke, HU

Uni Frankfurt (Postdoc)

Voigts, Simon (HU) I Email


VAT multipliers and pass-through dynamics

Michael Burda, HU

IMF (economist program)

Zivanovic, Jelena (HU) I Email


Corporate debt composition and business cycles

Lutz Weinke, HU

Bank of Canada

Ngangoue, Kathleen (DIW) I Email

Behavioral Economics

Trade under ambiguity and the effect of learning

Georg Weizsäcker, DIW

NYU (visiting assistant prof)
Job market candidates 2016
Job Market Paper
Basteck, Christian | CV                              
Game Theory, Social Choice, Fair Allocation,    Matching
Frank Heinemann, TU
European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics, Brussels
Johnen, Johannes | CV
Behavioral Economics, Industrial Organization, Mechanism Design
Paul Heidhues, ESMT
Université Catholique de Louvain
Nesterov, Alexander | CV
Microeconomics, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Market Design, Decision Theory, Behavioral Economics
Dorothea Kübler, WZB
Higher School of Economics St. Petersburg
Pollrich, Martin | CV
Microeconomic Theory, Contract Theory and Mechanism Design, Industrial Organization
Roland Strausz, HU
University of Bonn