Climate Policy Reading Group

Guest Instructor: 
Olga Chiappinelli
Nils May
Karsten Neuhoff
Jörn Richstein
Franziska Schutze
Time I: 
Friday, 03:45pm
Venue I: 
DIW Berlin

In this reading group, we will discuss current research in economics of climate policy in relation to the main topics of current activity of the Climate Policy department at DIW Berlin, i.e., policies for industrial decarbonization, electricity markets design, policies for renewables and sustainable finance. After an introductory meeting, each meeting will focus on one of the mentioned topics and will be coordinated by the post-doc in the team that works on this topic. In each of the meetings, one student will present one paper on the topic (30 min), as chosen from a shortlist of relevant papers and communicated in advance to all participants. The presentation is then followed by group discussion on the paper and put in relation to the broader research agenda of the post-doc and her/his colleagues and to current policy debates. Depending on the interest of participants, more sessions can be added on selected issues.

Please find more information in the attached syllabus.

Please contact the organizers (email addresses mentioned in the syllabus) for more information on time and venue of the reading group.

Fall 2019
Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung