Experimental and Behavioral Economics


This seminar is a research-oriented introduction to experimental economics. The topics of the seminar change every year, and are for example based on recent contributions to market design or contract theory. In the first part of the course, a number of lectures will provide an introduction to the topic with a focus on theory. In a (shorter) second part, the participants will learn how conduct an experiment, e.g. how to recruit participants, how to pay them for their participation, how to run the experiment itself (e.g. with computers or paper-and-pencil), how to analyze the data. The main focus in this part will be on how to design an experiment that addresses the research question in the most effective way. In the last part, participants develop an experimental design, and conduct the experiment at a small scale in order to analyze the data. Students present their findings both in a talk and in a paper.

Technische Universität Berlin