Micro Theory Reading Group

Guest Instructor: 
Vincent Meisner
Time I: 
Friday, 10:00am
Venue I: 
SPA1, R21a

Dear BDPEMS students,

I am organizing this semester's micro theory reading group with Roland Strausz.
In case you are not on last semester's mailing list and you are interested in information economics, feel free to join the reading group on the informed principal problem.

First (organizational) meeting
Friday, October 21, 10am (you will be able to attend Anja's talk at 11!)
room 21 a (at HU, Spandauer Str 1)

First paper discussion
Friday, November 4, 10am - 12ish
same room

Reading the abstracts of the "seminal papers" cited below should give you some impression of what to expect. I am very open to include applications as well (see, e.g., Benabou&Tirole's social norms paper).
You may use the following list as a guide to pick a paper to discuss:

Let me know when you are interested so I can put you on the list.

Best regards,
Vincent, vincent.meisner@tu-berlin.de

Fall 2016
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin