Microeconomics II

Time I: 
Monday, 12:00pm to 04:00pm
Time II: 
Monday, 12:00pm
Time III: 
Monday, 12:00pm
Venue I: 
ESMT, Schlossplatz 1, Room 00.21/00.17
Venue II: 
FU, Garystr. 21, Room 105
Venue III: 
HU (Rooms tbc)

Paul Heidhues - ESMT, Schlossplatz 1, Room 00.21/00.17 (April 14 to May 12, 2014)
Helmut Bester - FU (May 19 to June 16, 2014)
Roland Strausz - HU (June 23 to July 14, 2014)

Description of the course:
This course is devoted to market failures and welfare economics. The first part focuses on the three classical conditions under which market outcomes lead to an inefficient allocation of resources: externalities, imperfect competition and asymmetric information. It addresses these questions both from a positive and normative perspective. The second part addresses fundamental issues of welfare economics from the perspective of a policy maker who designs and implements collective decisions. It focuses in particular on social choice theory, the foundations of bargaining and welfare economics, and mechanism design. The intention of the course is to familiarize students with the standard tools of modern economic theory and to train them in applying these tools to actual economic problems.

Mas-Colell, Whinston, and Green (1995), Microeconomic Theory, Part III and Part V

Final Exam (14.07.2014)

Spring 2014
End date of the whole course: 
Monday, July 14, 2014 - 4:00pm