Monetary Policy, Financial Markets and the European Crisis

Guest Instructor: 
Prof. Dr. Marcel Fratzscher, DIW Berlin
Time I: 
10:00am to 11:30am
Time II: 
10:00am to 11:30am
Time III: 
10:00am to 11:30am
Venue I: 
DIW Berlin, Mohrenstr.58, Friedensburg Raum 22008
Venue II: 
DIW Berlin, Mohrenstr.58, Friedensburg Raum 22008
Venue III: 
DIW Berlin, Mohrenstr.58, Friedensburg Raum 22008

Discussion of seminar topics: Oct 23, Oct 29 and Nov 7, 2014.
Presentation and discussion of seminar papers: Jan 23, Jan 29 and Feb 4, 2015

In this seminar, the participants shall prepare and present a seminar paper. The participants choose a topic that fits to the seminar title, which means that it shall deal with the European crisis, Recommendable are topics, which analyze economic policy decisions (especially the monetary policy of the ECB) as well as the functioning of the financial markets or the contagion effects of the crisis.
The paper can be empirical or theoretical and shall orientate towards the academic literature in this field.
To allow an intersive dialogue among the students, the seminar is organized in block classes. Many topics are closely related to each other.

Registration: Till 21.10.2014 by e-mail to
Audience: Master students, PhD (BDPEMS, GC)

MA: 6 SP, Modul: "Topics in Macroeconomics"
Exam: Seminar paper (10-15 pages, 70%) + presentation and discussion (30%)

Fall 2014