Research Class in Behavioral Economics

Guest Instructor: 
Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel (TU Berlin)
Steffen Huck (WZB)
Time I: 
04:30pm to 06:00pm
Venue I: 
ESMT (the room number will be displayed on the info screen, foyer Schlossplatz entrance)


Students should have taken a PhD-level class in behavioral or experimental economics.
Please note that you have to participate in this research class for two semesters in order to achieve 6 ECTS. Students who want to take the two-semester sequence for credit should also attend the preliminary (organizational) meeting: Wednesday, October 24, 16:00 at ESMT, Room 'Garden View'.

The course offers students the possibility to learn about ongoing research in behavioral and experimental economics through seminar presentations from external scholars. Students who want to take this course for credit need to write three referee reports per semester selected from the list of papers that are presented and hand these in three working days before the seminar (i.e. deadline is 1pm on the last Friday prior to the seminar). In addition, they need to attend both semi-annual internal all-day workshops and present own original research in at least one of these workshops.

Fall 2012
ESMT Berlin
End date of the whole course: 
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 6:00pm