Structural Econometrics in Labor and IO (Prof. Dr. Peter Haan, Dr. Luke Haywood, Dr. Hannes Ullrich)

Guest Instructor: 
Prof. Dr. Peter Haan
Dr. Luke Haywood
Dr. Hannes Ullrich
Time I: 
02:30pm to 05:30pm
Venue I: 
Friedensburg Room 2.2.008, DIW Berlin, Mohrenstraße 58

Course objectives:

Discuss advantages and limitations of structural econometric models. Give students an understanding
of why and when adding structure is important.

Provide insights into strategy (especially, identi cation) in important papers in structural Labour,
Public & IO literature. Give a feel of how one may go about establishing a structural model.

Establish basic estimation techniques & numerical methods such as Simulation, Numerical integration
and Discretisation.

Provide introduction to the matrix programming language Matlab. Loops vs. vectorisation; read-
ability vs. speed; sustainable coding for several projects

Spring 2016
End date of the whole course: 
Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 2:30pm