Work in progress seminar

Time I: 
03:30pm to 05:00pm
Venue I: 
DIW, Mohrenstraße 58

This work in progress seminar provides doctoral students the opportunity to present ideas, research questions, research design and preliminary results of their first research paper.

Students need to have an excellent background in theoretical and empirical methods (Required courses are: Econometrics I or II and two courses out of Micro I&II, Macro I&II or ManSci I&II.) They should have a clear idea of the field they want to write their dissertation in. Moreover, they should have already chosen their supervisor and a topic for their dissertation. The course is designed for PhD students in the second year.

Organization of the Course:
The course is interactive and applied. In the beginning, the students need to develop a research question. This question can be related to any field of economics and management. The research question should lead to the first paper of the dissertation and should be developed in close cooperation with the supervisor. During the course students will discuss their ideas and first results in small groups (4-5 participants) together with an instructor.
There is no final presentation in the course, however to obtain credits students need to present their paper (research question, design and first results) during the second year (winter or summer term) in a Berlin brown bag seminar of their choice. In addition, students need to hand in a three page extended abstract of their paper or a full version of the paper. Depending on the research question, design and method some students will have first results and others not – the structure of this course allows for this heterogeneity.

More information can be found in the course syllabus.

Fall 2019
Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung