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Dear students,

As the new semester is quickly approaching, we would like to encourage you to sign up for one of the Brown Bag slots during the winter term. You are welcome to present and discuss research ideas or full-fletched projects. As you know, the BDPEMS/RTG Brown Bag is integrated into the Brown Bag Seminar Macroeconomics at HU.

We will try to distribute the available slots fairly between the two groups. As always, the seminar takes place on wednesday from 12.30 to 2pm in room 23, SPA1. There will be snacks available. The Brown Bag seminar offers you the possibility to present your work to an interested and open-minded audience and to receive useful feedback that will foster your research. It enhances the research exchange within the BDPEMS/RTG program.

If you would like to make use of this opportunity, please contact Julian ( or me ( and indicate your preferred date of presentation. We encourage you to also consider the early dates. As of now, we are still urgently searching for a third co-organizer. If you would like to help us with the organization of the Brown Bag Seminar, please contact us.

Best regards, Kalle Kappner and Julian Emmler


Date Student Affilitation Topic
19.10.2016 Simon Voigts HU Berlin / Macro VAT multipliers and pass-through dynamics
26.10.2016 Malte Rieth DIW Inflation Targeting and Large Real Shocks
02.11.2016 Junbing Zhu FU Berlin Political Economy of Cultural Diversity
09.11.2016 David Pothier DIW / TU Berlin (Post Doc) Information Acquisition and Liquidity Dry-ups
16.11.2016 Guzmán Ourens Université catholique de Louvain/LSE Uneven Diversification and Divergence
23.11.2016 Jelena Zivanovic HU Berlin / Macro Corporate Debt Composition and Business Cycles
30.11.2016 Andreas Asseyer HU Berlin / Micro Information Control and Collusive Supervision
07.12.2016 Felix Strobel HU Berlin / Marco The Government Spending Multiplier, Fiscal Stress and Risk
14.12.2016 Falk Mazelis HU Berlin / Macro Implications of Shadow Bank Regulation for Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound
04.01.2017 n.n. n.n. n.n.
11.01.2017 n.n. n.n. n.n.
18.01.2017 Yann Koby Princeton University The Effective Lower Bound of Monetary Policy
25.01.2017 David Raymaekers HU Berlin / Wirtschaftsgeschichte European Housing Market: Is there any?
01.02.2017 n.n. n.n. n.n.
08.02.2017 n.n. n.n. n.n.
15.02.2017 Janine Hart Uni Potsdam / BDPEMS



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Graduate Center Masterclasses

Masterclasses are a series of one- or two-day courses on various topics in Economics, organized by the DIW Graduate Center. The target audience consists of graduate students in Economics at Berlin universities and research institutes. The GC Masterclasses are held on an irregular basis at DIW Berlin (about once a month) and are open to all affiliates of DIW Berlin, those of the BDPEMS program, and anyone else upon inquiry. For proposals of Masterclasses please contact Prof. Dr. Helmut Lütkepohl.

The upcoming DIW Graduate Center Masterclasses will be announced in the DIW weekly newsletter and on the DIW website. If you want to participate, please contact Juliane Metzner at for registration. If you have a question, please contact Yun Cao at

Place: DIW Berlin, Mohrenstr. 58

Room: Eleanor-Dulles-Room (5.2.010)

Please see the attached link for further information on upcoming dates.

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