Sumitro Banerjee

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Strategic Marketing and Marketing of new products
ESMT Berlin
CV & Detailed Research Interests: 
Sumitro Banerjee is Associate Professor and the Ferrero Chair in International Marketing. He joined ESMT as an assistant professor in 2009. Previously he was an assistant professor of marketing at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University. He received his PhD in Management with specialization in Marketing from INSEAD in 2004. He holds a Master of International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and a Bachelor of Technology from the Indian School of Mines. Professor Banerjee is a quantitative researcher specializing in game theoretic models of interesting market phenomena. He also makes use of advanced techniques of optimization and econometrics for his research which is focused on innovations, R&D and market entry decisions. His research aims to deepen our insights in the area of marketing of new products where the vast majority of firm decisions continue to be taken based on “gut feel” and more than 90% of new product initiatives are failures. In particular, his research focuses on timing of launch, R&D investments, introduction strategies for successive new products, and multinational marketing. For the 2010 calendar year, Sumitro was the coordinator of the Faculty Research Seminar (FRS) together with Zhike Lei.